Live life from a higher perspective, the one your soul intended for you on the day you were born

I work with those who are ready to let go of social conditioning and unconscious habits to live a happier and freer existence.  This magic happens in astrology sessions, and also, with energy shifts that come when you decide to create something new and I channel in higher wisdom from our guides to give you the next best steps to take.  

My ultimate purpose in this lifetime is to live, express and grow the energy of love in all I do.  Being human, I sometimes forget this, but spirit always brings me back to this mission.  Me helping you to love yourself and your life means that you become a conduit for love, too.  This helps our world become better one person at a time.  My purpose is that simple, and also, that profound. So is yours.


Learn about how the energies were arranged in your chart in the moment you were born and how the current planetary movements are affecting your life.

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Some kind words from past clients on working with me:

Kimberly, you are amazing!! I cannot express how grateful I am to you for holding this space for me. I experienced a deep, profound, and much needed healing during our Astrology session; none of which I expected. You truly have a gift.

Jo M.

Kim’s astrology sessions have given me a more in-depth understanding of my calling and life-purpose. She easily navigates and explains how the planets, stars, Sun, Moon, and transits personally fit in my life. I also feel supported knowing that if something comes up based on my personal chart, I can go to her for more insight.

Lori K.

Being a lover of astrology myself, I wanted to give my sister a reading that would initiate her into astrology’s wonderful art with ease and grace.  I knew that Kimberly was just the intuitive and knowledgeable professional whom I could trust to open that door for her.  After her rime with Kimberly, my sister let me know that she thought her session was fantastic, that she enjoyed it and, in particular, that Kimberly’s suggestions were very helpful.  I would definitely feel comfortable entrusting any of my loved ones into Kimberly’s care in the future!

Emily T.

I love having a life coach like Kimberly! She helps me see things that I wouldn’t notice on my own. My life has gotten better and a lot happier since I began working with Kimberly. She helps me find peace & purpose in all situations. It’s not always easy to face your issues but with Kimberly’s intuition, kindness and knowledge I always feel better at the end of our sessions. Whenever anything is bothering me, I make an appointment with her right away and we work through it! 

Julie T.