About my life so far… I’ve done many things that’ve prepared me to be with you in this moment, making the BIG shifts you want to make.

 I’ve had multiple careers; early on as a teacher, marketing rep, kitchen and bath designer, then once I realized there’s absolutely no way I could work another freaking minute for someone else, I took turns as a health and eating psychology coach, intuitive painting coach, Reiki Master teacher and practitioner, intuitive life coach, and now, astrologer.

Every new chapter has given me great insight into human nature and what really, TRULY matters.

It’s not the stuff everyone tells you when you’re a kid, or in school, busting ass to make the good grades, etc. Each growth phase that I’ve gone through with my career and life experiences grew my to the bone understanding of what it takes to live a life of personal freedom, fulfillment and autonomy. I’ve learned to dance to my own music on an empty dance floor with everyone looking, (Gulp) and to be ok with being different because I realized that was where my best self lives.

This wisdom was hard won because, like you, I started out with 3D fear based programming. I had to set boundaries when my birth family wanted to abuse, guilt and shame me. I’ve been through very lean times when I didn’t understand that I am my own personal economy. I’ve had relationships where I didn’t speak up for my own needs and wondered why I was always so exhausted. And many other things that normal humans do. I’ve now done tons of personal work through the many modalities that I’ve studied and taught, then applied them to all the fear based, unhelpful thoughts that I used to carry around in my head.

Beloveds, I’ve learned to manage fearful thoughts when they come up so that they don’t control me or stop me from moving in the direction of my evolution, and HOLY SHIT, does that feel good!!!

Just like you, I’m a work in progress. We will always have work to do and new levels to explore. However, our best life starts when you’re asking yourself questions like. “How can I have even MORE fun today by living out my true purpose?”. This is 5D life and it’s where all this work has led me, and where you can go, too. The good news today is that our beautiful planet has upgraded her position in the Universe, which means that there are tons of high vibes flowing here now to support our rapid expansion. You won’t have to work as hard as I did to make big shifts. Given the right focus and steady effort, you will find yourself on new levels within months, instead of years. And that’s what I can’t wait to assist you with in our astrology sessions.

*Cue music for the happy dance* Let’s gooooooo!