The Magic happens here!

Many years of working as a life coach have given me the ability to hold a safe and loving space for inquiries into your life and chart. Each person is a unique individual with unique gifts.  I take great joy in helping you to see yours clearly.  

Every person is also presented with challenges and unresolved karmic patterns.  I’ll offer practical suggestions that feel doable and empowering. My clients often say that I give them the exact perspective they needed to move forward on the things that were tripping them up. 

Questions are always welcomed before, during or after my sessions .  Please email me at if you need clarification on anything.

Sessions are on Zoom and a link will be sent to you when you book.  Please put your birth date, time and place in the booking box for all astrology readings.

Please refer to my ‘Terms & Conditions’ link found at the bottom of this page.  Booking a session with me tells me that you’ve read this outline and understand the parameters of our work together.  

In love and light,


Free 30 Minute Discovery Session

Let’s chat to see if my work could benefit your current life and what you’d like to create.

30 minutes          SCHEDULE NOW

Natal Chart reading

Our first session together starts here, where we explore your blueprint for this lifetime and the framework your Soul set for you to navigate within. This is a foundational reading that gives a deeper understanding of the themes you came here to work with. We’ll cover as many details as we can fit into a 75 minute reading. There are many layers in a chart and sometimes it helps to do subsequent natal chart readings over time. As you’re ready to go deeper, the chart is there to guide you.

1 1/4 hours $111          SCHEDULE NOW

Follow-up Natal Chart reading

When we still have more stuff to cover, that we didn’t get to in our first Natal Chart reading, we do this.

1 hour $111           SCHEDULE NOW

Introductory Astrology Session

Let’s talk about your sun, moon, and rising signs and one question. Great for dipping your toe in to see if astrology is for you.

30 minutes $70        SCHEDULE NOW

AstroCoaching session

When stuff comes up from your chart reading that you want to work on, you need help figuring out or clarifying, or you just want to kick some ass for awhile. We could do this for weeks, months or as long as you want. I’m here for you.

1 hour $111          SCHEDULE NOW

Current Transits in your Chart

The planets are moving around in the sky and you want to know in real time how that’s affecting you. In other words, what are the energies in play right now and what part of your life are they going to show up in? Or maybe you have a specific issue that you want to see if the stars can give you guidance on. Let’s take a look!

1 hour $111         SCHEDULE NOW

Solar Return Reading

Happy Birthday! This is your personal new year and the chart on this day sets the tone for your whole year. Find out what you’ll be working on and the theme your life has in store for you.

1 hour $111          SCHEDULE NOW